A Different Group Tour to a Very Old Civilization

 A Group Tour to a Different Civilization

Tour Turkey-Asia Minor - Cruise and Tour Planners

Turkey-Asia Minor

Many have been to Israel, but not many have been to Turkey. Take a group on this tour. 

Let’s check it out.

Turkey is the cradle of civilizations which holds the treasures of 13 successive civilizations, spanning more than 10,000 years.

  It is a paradise of sea, sun, and nature with 7200 km of coastline.  Many water sports, spas, hot springs and thermal waters.

Calling all clergy and historians

  • St. Paul, one of the early leaders of the Christian Church was born in Tarsus, ancient Cilcia.  He wrote his letter to the Ephesians in Ephesus
  • The 7 Churches of the Apocalypse, mentioned in Revelations, are in Anatolia, Ephesus, Izmir, Pergamon, Thyatria, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea- all in Turkey
  • St. John lived and died in Ephesus.
  • The first 8 of the Council meetings were held in Turkey
  • Believers were first called “Christian” in Antakya.
  • Virgin Mary spent the last days of her life in Ephesus
  • St. Nicholas was born in Patara
  • Apostle St. Philip lived in Hierapolis and was martyred there

This is a fascinating country for many faiths.    In order to do the tour with the best guides, I call on my friend Atinc Gur owner of Meander Travel in Kusadasi.  He offers many different tours all over Turkey.  You don’t have to do a Biblical tour.  An Archeological tour is fascinating as well.

The History of Ephesus

Enjoy a group tour to a Library in Ephesus - Cruise and Tour Planners

I took a group to Ephesus recently.  The archeological digs in Ephesus are the best of any place in the world.  This was a very prosperous area being the end of the Silk Road and a seaport.  Now the city is several miles inland.  We were so amazed at how modern Turkey was.  It was clean, the people very friendly and the countryside was beautiful.  We felt very safe there.

If you are there on a cruise ship docking in Kusadasi, Atinc can arrange a day tour for you.   But the best is to do Turkey as a destination ending in Istanbul with sightseeing and much shopping.  A minimum of 3 days is required, but longer is better.    A great side stop is a private visit to a rug making school.  You will be tempted to purchase a beautiful silk or wool rug.  I did!!  Now we all want to go back to Turkey and visit the other sites of the seven churches of Asia Minor in the Bible.

Don’t forget to save to time shop for those beautiful Turkish rugs.  Visit a rug manufacturing company.  Take your credit card.  The company will ship the rug to you safely.

Contact Cruise & Tour Planners , group travel specialists, to help plan this amazing journey.

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