Travel Knowledge is Vital

Why is Travel Knowledge so Vital?

Travel Knowledge - Cruise and Tour PlannersHow important is it to you to use a travel agent who has travel knowledge and has been some place other than their own city?

I hear all the time about people who book their travel online.  In our area, Costco gets a lot of travel bookings.  Their head office is in a suburb of Seattle.   I meet their “travel agents” at functions a lot.  They are minimum-wage order takers who, for the most part, have never traveled.  What kind of information and tips can they give you about where and how you want to travel?

Travel with confidence…

As an example, if I was buying a car at a Ford dealership and I saw the salesman go out to lunch in his Chevy, would that give me confidence in buying a Ford from him?

When you work at Nordstrom you are required to wear clothes you buy from Nordstrom.  Check out the salesmen in the shoe department.  They are dressed in suits and ties, from Nordstrom.  After buying your shoes you will want to have that tie that the salesman is wearing.

So, why would you buy a trip to Europe from Costco when the “order taker” has never been further than 30 miles from home?

This maybe the trip of your lifetime and you want it to be the best you can buy.  Maybe it is a honeymoon and you want all the details done to perfection.

Wedding Travel - Cruise and Tour PlannersI am working with a wedding party going to Hawaii.  The bride has chosen the condo for the whole family.  She is looking at Costco online to book it.

Does she know that the property she is choosing does not have a restaurant?  So, every time all those people want a meal, they have to get in their cars and drive through traffic and maybe not even get to sit together and may have to wait for a table.

Would she think of that when she checks pricing online at Costco?

Your travel agent is your personal guide

Here I am.  A world traveler, full time in the business for 20 years.  Have I been “everywhere”?  No, but I have probably been close to where you are wanting to go and have resources to answer your questions.  I also know the best way to get you there.

Call this “Granny on the Go” to help you see the world before you leave it.

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