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Real or False Travel Agent

Who can you trust? Membership clubs don’t care whether the hotel is under renovation or your airline has 5 connections. They don’t know about hurricane season or if it is hot in Australia. Discover what you can do to book with a reliable travel agent.

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Airline Ticket Buying Tips

Using the internet to buy an airline ticket is like a jungle and it could eat you alive. Something sinister is lurking in there. Do you wonder why people sitting next to you on a plane pay such different amounts for tickets? As a veteran travel agent who has been booking airline tickets for over […]

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After 2 restful days at sea on Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas, we are now ready to disembark on the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini. There are several different island groups off the coast of Greece. Some are more touristy than others. Santorini is

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