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Freedom of Travel

We have so many freedoms in this great country, let’s talk a little about our Freedom of Travel. Living in the United States of America we have many freedoms that other countries do not have. In thinking about those freedoms, the freedom to travel isn’t often thought of. Some years ago I was in China…

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Business Meeting With a View

Do you have retreats, seminars, board meetings, or incentive groups? How about chartering a small cruise vessel? There are many options on both coasts of the US as well as some of the rivers. This makes a great venue to have a “vacation with a purpose.” Getting out of the office and into adventure builds […]

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Seattle Space Needle

Incentive Travel

From very young ages many of us have been rewarded for “job well done” awards. My great grandson Mason, gets gold stars on his chart at his pre-school. Even at 21 months, he got a gold star for jibber jabbering yesterday. Wouldn’t it be nice for life to be so simple?

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